Salsa Radio Amsterdam is BACK ONLINE!

todayjuli 20, 2022 141 1 3

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Did you miss the best Salsa Radio? We sure did miss you! After almost 2 years the internet Salsa Radio is back online 24/7 non-stop!

You can listen to the radio again as usual. Of course we have big improvements for the future. We are improving the website to make it more interactive with, for example, The Salsa charts. We are also developing an app so that you can always listen to Salsa Radio Amsterdam on your mobile.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions for Salsa Radio Amsterdam? Let us know!

We are relying on our listeners because we have learned that the best ideas and most successful initiatives arise from our radio Salsa Lovers.

Enjoy the radio. Salsa, Salsa i Mas Salsa

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  1. FeinkostZoellner op september 15, 2022

    I don´t know the reason why you went off, but I never erased the link from my streaming App.
    It was a good memory and realy, I missed you.
    In the past I was so clever in having recordet your stream an in the last two years I was able to listen. BUT it was very nerving to have a station anouncement after every title. Now I hope you got a good concept in not to have to go offline again 🙂
    A nice to have would be a scheduler like the point ‘programs’ at the page from ‘djam’ radio.